Healers Grove Newsletter – July

(Posted on behalf of Chris Stitt)

To the Druids a Sacred Grove is a refuge set within the natural world that provides a place to calm, refresh the spirit and give comfort in times of distress. The Grove is also a place to share knowledge, myths, stories and creativity. The mission of the Healer’s Grove is to provide such a place where client centred Therapies are offered to assist with the journey of self development.

The vision of the Healer’s Grove is to create a nurturing and caring environment where clients are empowered within a professional relationship to facilitate their own healing and self developmental journey using a wide range of creative experiences.

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Healers Grove Newsletter July




In the sacred grove I am present to my light.
I permeate the environment around me, as it permeates me.

There is something out there above me, behind me, around me, so much greater than me, my mind cannot fully comprehend the magnitude.
It is warmth; an intelligence, a light that envelops part of my own, yet I am still whole yet we are undivided.

I feel the earth, she is cool. I feel myself entering her. My light descends.
I resist at first, the fear of losing myself. I am reassured that it is right, all is okay.
My mind a swirl, no tangible thought to hold on to.

Feeling.  Peaceful.

Not understanding and yet with knowledge I refuse to analyse.
Tingling sensations as the light returns within mortal vessels
Before seeing I feel pressure on my right shoulder a touch from above me.
Secure and confident. Assure.

I slowly return, guided to the sacred grove.
Forever changed and eternally me.


Yesterday afternoon I finally visited William Rickett’s Sanctuary. The place, the work, the environment is astounding.  Needless to say it will not be my last visit, next time I would like to experience it in the morning with the sun is still coming from an easterly direction.

‘Guided’ was a result of my musings, scratchings whilst sitting and meditating in front of the figures photographed below whilst at the sanctuary.




l would love to see

we have bards

do we not

hey bards

lets see

lets see your work

Lady Cu’ is tired

tired of reading her own stuff

Lady Cu’

Would love to read

to read something new and fresh

the sword is drawn

the thrust parried

draw the sword in reply

come on all

Lady Cu’ – 2013




The night is dark

Stars shining brightly above

Labourers come in hot and dusty

Smelling strongly of the earth

The odour of wheat and oats eminating


Hatstacks are built

Tall and stable

Wind and rain unable to penetrate

Bales strong, sure and dry

Mice making ready to move in

Owls aussured of a good meal


Wafting out the back door

Peaches and apricots freshly preserved

Fresh pineapple juice in the bottles

Tomatoe sauce bubbling away

Strawberries and cherries ready to eat

Tomorrow it’s pickles day


Ice cold coffee flavored milk

Fresh from the cow

Cream forming on top

Waiting for the menfolk to arrive

So all can partake


A time of plenty

Time to share the fruits of labour

To share simply been together


Lady Cu’ – 2013
















you come and go

hot, then cold

Rainy, humid

what to make of you

a trickster l feel


Feeling neglected l fear

too much talk of mayan times

what would the celtic ancestors have to say?

think of the coming harvest

put away doom and gloom


heap praise on mother earth

walk her barefoot

feel her changing season through your feet

close your eyes simply listen

absorb her message and song


sing within

and she will sing along with you

do not fear

for she will not crush you

care for yourself

and mother earth will care for you


Lady Cu’ – 2012



well just a short one

we have baby butcherbirds

baby magpies

baby mudlarks

Baby white cockatoo’s

baby wattlesbirds

babies everywhere

cattapillars everywhere

wrens asserting their authority over all who enter

king parrots sitting on the armchair demanding attention

and imitating wattlebirds just to confuse us 2 legs


Lady Cu’


New Stonehenge Laser Scan

A recently commissioned laser scan analysis of the Stonehenge stones has been released by English Heritage, giving us our most detailed look at the actual stones ever. The study gives wonderful insights into how and which stones were dressed, and how they were decorated, with many new carving identified. It also highlights the issues of human traffic over the years as damage done in terms of graffiti (from as far back as 1721!) and souvenir hunters.

Most interesting to my mind is that the findings seem to support the recent archaeological acknowledgement that the focus of Stonehenge was to the mid-winter sunset rather than the mid-summer sunrise.

You can read more on the following links. The first link is to the blog entry by the archaeologist Mike Pitts,


and the second is the English Heritage page from which you can download the report (for the technically minded)



beltaine birds

Beltaine Birds


Although not born to our land

The horned one as fawn, adolescent and stag is showing his form

The young innocent

He testing newly found power

Fully matured and muscled

Powerful antlers on show


The Lyrebird

Displaying his fine and delicate plumage

Strutting through the bush

Showing the females how magnificant he is

He will produce strapping sons and daughters


Blue Wren splendid in his size

Who dares challenge one so magnificant?

He gathers together his family

Together they can’t be beaten

They claim their nesting site

Gaurding it with vigour



Much maligned

Needing shelter from the wild mountains

Protecting home and hearth from foreign invaders

Large and powerful

Inquisitive about his home

He has his place


Kookaburra, everpresent

Awake the morn with your call

Your babes learning painful to our human ears

Sitting, waiting, watching with an eagle eye

Down to the earth

Tussle with a huge worm, out of the ground

a sideways swipe, the next meal had


Wattlebird, with rabbling calls

Swooping through the bushes

Building your nest high and safe

Quite in the warm of the day

But how you love the evening, when insects are out

Babies feed and watered all is well


Magpie, ever present

Beautiful warble, going up and down the scales

Family groups together

Black and White striking at hearts

Pesky young who don’t want to fend for selves

a sense of home in your presence



Your song makes the heart soar

Small but powerful

A beak built for meat

Your presence brings a smile to my heart

I know l am home


Lady Cu’ 2012


here it comes!

Spring Equinox at the Grove of the White Cockatoo

watching the sun come up across the planes