Welsh for beloved, Gaelic for dog or hound l like to put the two together ” beloved hound”

This place first came in a vision and has become a haven for both two and four legs, all who come with open hearts and goodwill are welcome to share our home.

We currently share  with Laird and Tazie in the Apparent world and Maggie and Puppy (Eilean) in the Otherworld amongst many others who only show themselves at will. Laird and Tazie may say we are here only at their goodwill, but certainly we are here as gardians of this magical place.

Lady Cu’

                                                                                        Story of Cu’

The house at Cu’ was built in the mid 1980’s post Ash Wednesday and we purchased the property in January 2007. The large lounge was added on by the previous owner and complete’s the house.

The grove l work in came to me in a dream prior to viewing the property and it was the first of many properties we looked at in the area. Cu’ kept calling us both and fitted most of our criteria.

For me and many who visit our home when they drive through the two tree’s at the top of the driveway they feel they are leaving the apparent world and entering into a place of sanctuary. l love the spirits that reside here and bless my life, the wildlife, the tree’s, the sense of peace and belonging this place brings, l love this place, l never want to leave it, we are bound together.

We had our niece live with us for about 4 months this bought a new perspective to our home. a new love, and the realisation we really do love living here just us and the hounds. Maggie and Puppy came to us prior to moving to Cu’, Maggie because l had fallen in love with deerhounds and said “me me me”, Puppy because she had the most gorgous coat, a loner who then broke her foot, needed a home and Pete needed a birthday present. Laird because his grandfather did’nt want to live with us and he was the most handsome pup in the litter and l was unwell and needed him and his breeder wanted a good home, all three bring their own love and joy into our lives. Since initially writing this both Maggie and Puppy have left us for the summerland and Tazie has joined us, Tazie is litter sister to Laird and although a little shy with new people she is the clown and cafe set girl of the family.

l joined The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids prior to coming to Cu’ but living here has given me time, peace and place to really explore the journey and along the way met many great people. My Bardic Grove as l said came in a dream prior to ever seeing the property and l believe will be my lifelong grove, my sacred home regardless of what or where l am. The hounds love it and go nuts when l’m there, the wrens come to see whats going on, spirits and fasmily come to visit, it is truly blessed.

Once l joined OBOD l searched out a Melbourne group and contacted Elkie in March 2007 at that point we met and went for several walk’s with another OBODie and got to know each other, including discovering Elkie had visited my family home when l was a baby. My first meeting with The Melbourne Grove was a rather heated affair and left me wondering what l had let myself in for. But the grove and it’s members have given me gifts that can’t be described and cemented my path in life. My first ceremony with the grove was Winter Soltice 2008, along with my two nieces a real wintery baptism of fire and water, what a night.

Either in late 2008 or early 2009 l asked Elkie how many people we might get to an OBOD assembly, she said 15 so l said how about we have it at Cu’ about 30 people later l’m having kittens. April 2010 arrived we had all cooked a storm, had hissy fits Dorenford and Pete rolling their eyes about where everyone was going to fit and on it went. Then a day early this odd man showed up at our front door asking if this was where the Druid assembly was, l’m thinking how did this person find out about it, a true reminder not to judge a book by it’s cover, this man was a true blessing to our assembly and bought wonderful stories, laughter, love. As more people rolled up the fun, laughter and joy of been with like-minded people even though many of us had never met was just over-whelming and that joy and inspiration continues to ths day. One of our members moved into the cubby house for the weekend and we later found she was not welcomed by the 8 legged incumbants, but they learnt to tolerate each other. Another member had “the cave” under the house and while not condusive to sleeping was the place to absorb all the laughter, the spare room utilised by a family and other’s in tents and B&B accomadation.

The lounge room became the place to be with music, our sacred fire, crafts, stories, dancing whatever presented. We also had a play in the backyard dedicated to pan with a Westerly outlook that took dorenford’s fancy as a place with suitable gateways, the following day we planted a She-Oak grove with a North East aspect with the youngest present planting. And of course what is an assembly without three hounds who ate, drank and where merry along with the two legs, they just tipped the scales in making a near perfect weekend. For me it was a joy to share our home, for all to feel the connection l feel with Cu’, my home is truly blessed and l love to share that joy with others.

Cu’ is a place to enjoy the surrounds, the birds, hounds, just sit on the grass and soak it all up. lt is now 2012 and remebering the 2010 assemblt still brings a smile to my face.

Lady Cu’


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